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last data migration: ~10 hours ago
last modification of this document: 66 days ago

USOSweb data migration

Data migration between USOSweb and the main USOS system at the Dean's Office occurs three times a day:

  1. at night, about 2:00-3:00 A.M. depending on other automated tasks,
  2. at noon,
  3. at 2 p.m.

While the migration is in progress, USOSweb is unavailable for about 15 minutes.

FOR STUDENTS (Bachelor and Master studies)

Announcements regarding scholarships and dormitories are available only on the websites of Dział Obsługi Studentów (Office for Student Affairs) and Biuro Domów Studenta (Student Housing Office).

Detailed information regarding:

Nieznany użytkownik (unknown user) – why can’t I log in?

If an " Nieznany użytkownik (Unknown user) " alert appears at the top of your browser window during your first login attempt into USOSweb, please wait 24 hours and try to log in once again. Your account in the USOS system may appear with delay due to synchronization between systems.

In case of an unsuccessful login attempt after 24 hours please contact USOS Helpdesk at: