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Managing Research and Development (R&D) in Transnational Corporations 234791-D
Wykład (WYK) Semestr letni 2020/21

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Liczba godzin: 30
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Zaliczenie: Egzamin
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Introduction into the course: knowledge, research and development (R&D), innovation process, technology, technological innovation, technological competences - definitions, features and linkages between the terms.

The general differentiation of TNCs involved in R&D activities: science- and technology-based companies - the major features, examples, and its comparison to the OECD's classification of manufacturing industries based on technology.

Transnational corporations as the driving forces behind the global technological progress - the discussion of R&D expenditures of globally leading TNCs against a background of R&D financial data for countries.

The R&D strategy as one of the key elements of the overall strategy and the innovation strategy in the TNCs.

The idea of 'a double network' - strengths and weaknesses of the main modes of carrying out R&D projects adopted by TNCs (full and partial outsourcing of R&D vs. establishing and developing an R&D network of units within a TNC).

The position of a senior R&D manager in the hierarchy of a TNC. The impact of a TNC's top management's profile on decision-making about the mode of running R&D activities in the TNC.

Organising corporate R&D structure: procedure for establishing new corporate R&D units, integration vs. autonomy between corporate R&D units within a corporate R&D network, closing down corporate R&D units.

Co-ordination of cross-functional activities involving R&D, production and marketing. Differentiation between 'customer-oriented R&D' and 'market-oriented R&D'.

R&D collaboration between TNCs and the science sector (universities, research laboratories etc.)

R&D collaboration between TNCs and other companies. The importance of technology alliances.

A scoring method as one of the R&D project evaluation techniques - discussion and an exercise.

Transnational corporations as one of the pillars of countries' National Innovation Systems (NIS) - the role of TNCs in linking NISes of different countries.

Implications of the growing trend of internationalisation of corporate R&D activities for home and host countries of TNCs involved in running R&D.

Poland's position in the process of corporate R&D internationalisation.

Conclusions: assessing the future impact of a growing involvement of TNCs in R&D activities on NISes of Poland and the selected countries or regions of the world.

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