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International Business Transactions and Logistics Operations 132751-P
Konwersatorium (KON) Semestr zimowy 2020/21

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Liczba godzin: 60
Limit miejsc: (brak limitu)
Zaliczenie: Egzamin
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Stages of international business transaction cycle. Ways of concluding agreements/entering into an agreement: tender (offer) / order and negotiations. Inquiries, offers and orders in foreign trade. Modern management supporting systems.

Types and characteristics of international business transactions. Concluding international transactions on formal markets and on marketplaces.

International transactions concluded on auctions and tenders. Concluding international transactions on commodity exchanges.

Sources of information on the purchasing and selling markets. Assessment of reliability of the foreign partners (suppliers and importers): ways of assessing the legal and financial standing and sources of information.

Risk in international trade. Methods of reducing the risk of foreign trade transactions.

Insurances used in foreign trade. Cargo insurances in international transport

Customs and usages of international trade. International trade terms. Principles of applying International Commercial Terms Incoterms 2020

Legal aspects of international business transactions. Formulating contract clauses. Specifying the subject of the foreign trade agreement.

Transactions with partners from non-UE countries. Community Customs Code.

Calculation of customs duties and taxes. Trade Barriers and Customs Clearance. Duty; Non-Tariff Barriers; Custom Clearing Process. Intra-Community transactions

Methods of payment in international business transactions- determinants of methods of payment choosing. Characteristics of methods of payment in foreign trade: cash-in-advance, Open Account, Documentary Collections, Letters of Credit.

Characteristics and preparation of documents used in foreign trade: invoice, transport documents, insurance documents, complementary documents.

Packaging for export.

Currency of Payment; Setting the final price

Modes of Transportation-Ocean, Air, Land and Multi Modal Transportation.

The essence of purchasing. Determinants of the role of purchasing. International purchasing strategies. Strategic analysis of goods and services acquired from external sources, including foreign markets. Supplier Relationship Management.

Purchasing organization strategies: centralization, decentralization. Indicators of evaluation of purchasing.

Purchasing funded from public sources (Low on Public Procurement).

Types of customers, intermediaries, relations with business customers.

Supply chain as a network. Changes in the supply chain. Bargaining power in the supply chain. Internal and external logistics flow. Traditional (forward) supply chain versus reversed supply chain. Logistics domains. Lean Management - basic tools for operations: 5S, A3, 5whys (exploring the cause-and-effect relationship).

Preparing the current-state analysis of a supply chain: mapping the current-state of the material flow and information flow. Logistics vs. costs and prices. 3c?s of pricing (in logistics), selected tools of a managerial decision: Value Exchange Models, conjoint analysis.

Logistics project.

Logistics services providers (3PL), (4PL).

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